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Every day we are reminded of the effects of global warming. Powerful hurricanes, earthquakes, and constantly rising temperatures, just to name a few examples. When these types of events occur, power outages are almost inevitable. Generators require fuel and can pose health risks. So where can you turn for a reliable energy source when the power goes down because of inclement weather, or damaged electric lines? Consider going for a residential solar panel installation with the added feature of solar batteries. Going off-grid with a reliable and free source of energy production will be your best decision for 2021.


Solar Storage Batteries For Storing Energy


Storing unused energy produced by solar panels can help light the house, keep food refrigerated, and even run vital medical devices during poor weather conditions. Solar batteries will also keep computers and phones charged, allowing communication to stay open with friends, family, the police, and fire departments. Maybe most importantly, these batteries can provide peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared for any storm. The latest solar storage batteries by Tesla, Generac & LG are lithium-ion based and can hold a large amount of charge. They have deep-cycle technology that allows them to drain and gain full charge without any damage to battery life. 


Go Off-Grid In Style With Solar Storage Batteries


In addition to lighting a home or charging electronics, solar batteries can keep a property warm during a blizzard or comfortable during a heatwave. They can help to keep your home safe for the most vulnerable: the elderly, very young children, or the sick. When the power is out, you won’t even have to worry about dinner. In case of an extreme weather situation, batteries will power an electric oven or microwave. In short, modern solar storage batteries are capable of managing the electric load of a full house. The backup time is dependent on the size you have installed and your lifestyle. 

Stored energy is not just for the home. Solar storage batteries can be used for commercial purposes like in medical facilities, offices, and retail spaces.


Best Year To Go Solar 


The benefits of solar batteries extend beyond stored energy and the environment. Solar energy systems can help save money by lowering electricity bills, earning tax credits, and boosting home value. 2021 is the best year to invest in solar energy with the latest reports showing solar installation prices have also dropped 70% in the last ten years. The FTC will also be decreasing starting next year, making this the perfect time to consider how a solar panel installation and solar batteries could benefit you.When you are ready to learn more about solar power, call on the experts at Yellowlite. Our knowledgeable technicians will explain the installation step by step. Contact us today for more information!

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