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Despite nationwide shutdowns in response to COVID-19, some states have been able to continue their work addressing climate concerns while they battle the healthcare crisis. Halfway through 2020, uncertainty clouds the ambitions of every industry. Renewable energy initiatives offer long-term solutions that would not only confront the issue of climate change, but also help fortify our economy in the face of unforeseen crises such as the current pandemic. 

We’re highlighting some of the clean energy bills and laws that could strengthen our country’s resilience by embracing the future of renewable resources. 

Cleaning Up Energy and Communities in New York

In the state of New York, The Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act would expand clean energy access and directly benefit local communities. The bill would establish an Office of Renewable Energy Siting to streamline clean energy projects through modified permitting and conservation standards. It also includes proposals for developmental programs that would rehabilitate abandoned, underutilized, or former industrial sites to be repurposed for alternative power production. The bill pays special attention to local communities with proposed financial incentives for property owners and community members in the aforementioned project sites. Ultimately, this legislation aims to expand the accessibility of renewables with the development of a state power grid. 

Creating Opportunities for Solar in Illinois 

The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) proposed in Illinois aims to embolden past energy initiatives and solidify the state’s goal of becoming 100% renewable-powered by 2050. If passed, the bill would expand existing programs like the Solar for All initiative meant to increase the accessibility of solar power for local areas including low-income communities. CEJA also addresses transportation-based pollution by incentivizing the use of electric vehicles and communal transit with an EV Access for All program. The Act would encourage sustainable practices in energy production as well as in the residential communities. 


Ending Carbon Dependency in Virginia 

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was presented earlier this year and actually signed into law in April, during COVID-19 restrictions. The new law establishes set closing dates for fossil fuel power plants and enforces new clean energy standards for energy companies. Companies that don’t comply with their renewable energy requirements will suffer penalties. Similar to Illinois’s CEJA, Virginia’s Act sets a goal of 100% renewable-powered electricity. According to the Office of the Governor, the Act calls for 5,200MW of wind generation and 16,100MW of solar generation alongside a required 3,100MW capacity energy storage. 


Moving Forward with Solar

Leaders across the country see the incredible value of sustainable alternatives like solar power. Renewables preserve our environment, reinforce local economies, and provide communities with reliable sources of electricity. At YellowLite, our team designs and installs reliable systems to meet your energy needs, whether you’re a homeowner looking to generate your power privately or a business owner responsible for powering commercial operations. 


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