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Before the coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, many countries were on the path to a renewable future. According to the World Economic Forum, over 160 countries have made strides to implement clean energy solutions in an effort to reduce the energy pollution that contributes to climate change. As COVID-19 caused widespread shutdowns, many environmental efforts were deferred or deprioritized. This sudden shift created a doubtful outlook on the future of clean energy. However, with economies starting back up and renewable projects becoming reinvigorated, economists predict that industry setbacks are temporary. 

Since renewable energy is a long-term solution to the environmental damage inflicted during traditional energy production, it’s always been an industry of promising alternatives. Unlike fossil fuels, renewables like solar and wind power will forever be available for consumption. The field now presents more opportunities for economic growth and future stability. Let’s take a look at how different areas of the world are continuing to advance toward a renewable future. 

Looking Forward in Australia 

In 2019, Australia sourced about 24% of its electricity from renewable resources, most of which was solar power. The country even met its renewable energy target a year ahead of schedule. Australia’s Clean Energy Council notes that if the country continues its efforts in the wake of COVID-19, clean energy expansion could help the economy by creating more opportunities throughout the country, including in rural areas, and could nearly double the amount of renewable energy jobs in the next year. 

From Iceland to Eastern Africa 

As a country primarily fueled by its own geothermal energy, Iceland has helped expand renewable energy by sharing their expertise and supporting similar initiatives across the world. In recent years, Iceland has partnered with Eastern African countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, as part of the UN’s ARGeo project. The project centers on the Great East African Rift System, an area of heightened tectonic activity full of opportunity for harnessing geothermal energy. Although this initiative has been in the works for several years, the international effort is an excellent example of how collaboration can advance us toward a sustainable world. 

High Expectations for the U.S. 

In the recent global market report released by Ernst & Young, the U.S. is ranked as the #1 most attractive country for renewable energy opportunities. It appears that America is leaning into this prediction already with states sticking to renewable energy production requirements and even anticipating projects that break previous records for energy capacity, according to industry insights


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