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Pepper Pike, OH Man Loves His Solar Array

Mr. Steve Newman decided to expand his solar energy system from 4.9 kW with an additional ten panels totaling 2.8kW.  His solar array is now approximately 7.7 kW. The panels are SW 280 watt monocrystalline made and manufactured by Solarworld with an accompanying ten S280 model microinverters by Enphase.

"I did it more for the mission of renewable energy, the environment," said Newman. "I was always mesmerized by the way sunshine could turn into electricity. I've been environmentally aware since I was a kid."

The addition to the array will generate approximately 3,700 kWh of electricity per year. This is enough energy to offset close to two tons of coal being burned per year (2 tons). Based on a state average of $0.12 per kWh, this would be savings of nearly $450 a year.

"Because of the Federal tax credit, the SRECs, and the energy savings, I figure that the system will pay for itself in around 7-8 years."

This system was an expansion from an earlier system on his roof. The only place he could put the expansion was on the roof of his garage because his local government of Pepper Pike does not allow ground mounted arrays.

It had been eight years since he had his original system installed. Why not go back to his original company? "Because my old company disappeared," said Newman. "This past December I went to a home and garden show where I saw the YellowLite display. I talked to the people and they were engaging and excited to talk solar. So I decided to put an expansion on my garage."

It should be noted that Mr. Newman is experienced enough to have installed the panels himself. He installed part of the array the first time while spending more than 40 hours on top of the roof. This time he was more than willing to let YellowLite take care of everything.


"I found everyone I met in the process was very helpful. Jose was great, the installation crew I met were great, it was great meeting Azam. All the people I met were incredibly dedicated to the cause of solar." Solar panels for your home are well worth the price as Mr. Newman can attest. So no matter if you choose to go with the best solar panels, the most efficient solar panels, solar panels for sale, or simply cheap solar panels, solar panels for your home are a great deal.


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