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Is your solar system producing more energy than required? Well, now you can leverage this buy selling this surplus energy according to the Net Metering Policy, Ohio.

Keep reading to explore what net metering policy is and you can use it to your advantage!

What is Net Metering Policy?

Owners of solar energy systems receive credit for the electricity they supply to the grid through a billing system called net metering.

Net Metering Policy

The bi-directional electricity meter will monitor the energy that enters the grid if the residence is net-metered, and the sold units will be credited against off-peak units on the customer bill. 20 to 40 percent of a solar energy system's output often enters the electrical grid. Only the customer's "net" energy usage is charged.

Benefits of Net Metering Policy, Ohio


You can store the energy you generate as credits!

With Net Metering, you can store the energy you generate as credits on the electric grid .Your neighbours’ homes are powered by the energy you recycle back into the system.

Ohio law indicates that the utility company give you credit for the energy you generated and sent. To make it easier for you to monitor your energy usage, these credits display on your monthly power statement.

You gather credits during the warm summer months when your solar system is making more electricity than you are using. Your home needs more energy in the winter, and you exhaust your earned credits at that time.

Net Metering Improves the Financial Advantage of Solar Energy

Metering policy improves the financial advantage of solar energy by compensating you for the power generated by your solar energy system. The quantity of energy you generate and utilize will change throughout the year.

Moreover, it minimizes the quantity of electricity wasted during transmission across long distances of cables. It also helps to decrease grid strain during peak consumption periods, such as hot, sunny days.

How Ohio State Calculate Bills for Metering?

Customers that create surplus energy will earn a generation credit in that billing month. Unless you have a net meter contract with an alternate generation source, this generation credit will be based on the Standard Offer Rate. Your charge is calculated using the Net use shown on your bill.

How Ohio State Calculates Bills for Metering?

How can you Start Selling Electricity in Ohio & Reduce your Energy Bills?

Now, you can use and enjoy the benefits of your solar Net Metering system with confidence.

Going solar instantly lowers your electricity bill and as well as your operational costs. You can monetize your extra solar energy and generate an additional cash stream by using net metering, which allows you to sell excessive solar electricity into the grid. This rebate can shorten the payback period and increase the return on investment (ROI) of your solar PV installation.

You can take advantage of these benefits after replacing your previous meter with a bi-directional meter, installed a REC* meter, and successfully tested and commissioned your solar PV system.

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