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Everyone is concerned about what COVID-19 means for our families, our businesses, our communities, and the economy. The WHO, CDC and Johns Hopkins all have exceptional resources to help keep you informed on the latest COVID-19 news and what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe while helping to prevent the spread. 


As the world stays updated on the ever evolving situation, we want to talk about what YellowLite’s approach will be to help educate our customers and community during this global pandemic. But before diving in, we want to provide some context about why YellowLite exists. 


Why Us?

Prior to establishing YellowLite, we worked in the technology sector. After building and selling several businesses, we wanted to leverage our tech expertise to make a difference. In order to do so, we asked ourselves two questions: are we impacting our community and is it enough? The answer was no. The thought lingered for some time, shifting from “What are we doing?” to “What could we do and how do we play our part?”. We committed to solar energy as our vehicle of choice to better help our local communities and the environment. One year later, we launched YellowLite with three purposes in mind: 

  • Make solar energy mainstream and accessible
  • Educate the public about the benefits of solar energy 
  • Make solar energy affordable, allowing everyone to achieve energy independence


Solar energy solutions help both homeowners and businesses significantly reduce the negative impact we all impose on our environment. In turn, this helps our customers save money and increases the value of their homes and buildings while enriching our community and improving the planet. For the past 10 years we have done just that - growing from a small local installation outfit to one of the largest solar solution providers in the region. We have done that by educating our customers about the benefits of going green through solar energy through informative content, solar technology, and competitive pricing. 


It’s still not enough. 


Renewed Focus

The benefits of alternative energy for both residential and commercial use are clear. The long-term effects of COVID-19 are not. Our purpose at Yellowlite does not start with sales (there’s a reason you don’t see too many solar startups). We started YellowLite to do our part. 


While continuing to provide resources for homeowners and businesses, YellowLite will be writing and developing educational resources on the impacts this global pandemic has for you and your family, your business, other countries and our environment. No, this does not mean we’re turning into a 24/7 coronavirus medium - quite the contrary (not to mention you can turn the TV to almost any station for that). We’re using this moment as a call to develop content and insights about community spotlights, global influences, historical patterns, self sufficiency ideas, and other like-minded topics.


As long as the environment needs us, we’re open for business. Solar panels and battery storage solutions will still be designed and installed by our hardworking staff and crews. COVID-19 has slowed everyone’s mobility and carbon footprint. Now more than ever, the questions “What will we do?” and “Is it enough?” remain our driving force. This time, everyone must be on board. Let’s all do our part. 

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