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Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your roof or getting a ground mount? Concerned about whether or not your roof is a good fit for solar panels?

YellowLite is the biggest residential solar installer in the state of Ohio, and we evaluate houses for solar every day. We pride ourselves on our honesty: if we don’t think your house is a good fit, we’ll tell you so. Although we have a dedicated team who can provide free quotes and system designs, here are some questions you can answer on your own before contacting a solar installer.

1. What is your roof type? 

Your roof is the foundation of your solar energy system and needs to be in good condition before the panels are installed. You must ensure a solid rooftop. The recommended materials are either tiles, an asphalt shingle or standing seam metal. You can either install solar panels directly or incorporate ballasted support systems which are about the same weight as the array itself. If your roof is made up of a more delicate material, you need to consult with your solar panel installer to determine the way forward. You can also opt for a ground mount if your roof is not fit for installation.

2. What is your roof angle?

Roof angles play a vital role in the establishment of solar panels. The rooftops facing south are most likely to capture more sunlight. If there is more direct sunlight, you will be generating more electricity. Also, the surface area must receive ample sunlight between 9 am - 3 pm for solar panels to perform better. In North America, an ideal rooftop for solar faces south at a 30-degree angle, as this angle is considered optimum for capturing maximum energy from the sun.


3. Do you own a house or apartment?

The best candidates for solar are those who own their house or apartment. In order to get the maximum return-on-investment from your solar panels, you need to take advantage of federal the solar tax credits, which subsidize 30% of your system. But before you go solar, you must ensure that your property is taxable.

4. Does your roof have shading or obstacles?

Shading or any sunlight obstacles can limit the efficiency of your solar panels, up to 20-40% of the total energy generation. To ensure maximum output, make sure there are no trees blocking the sunlight and set up the solar panels in areas which receive maximum sunlight. Your solar consultant would be a good resource in building around all the obstacles.

In order to measure the direct impact of solar energy on your house, you should try our solar calculator. This helps you determine whether your site is a  good choice for solar or not. The next step is to look out for good proposals with respect to equipment, financing options and payback time. Once you’ve done your research, let solar energy become a part of your lifestyle and feel the difference. Good luck with your investment!

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