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As more and more people put a daily strain on the nation’s energy grid, the demand for cheap alternatives to decrease the drain on the grid have begun to grow. As more homes become reliant on electronic devices, the cost to power a residence has gone up dramatically. This, combined with the costs of backup generators and propane, has left many consumers curious as to how they can save some money on their power bills. At the end of April, Tesla, long known for their electric cars, just may have the solution. The new Tesla Battery will debut for the national market, and when it does, the world of electric consumerism will change forever.

What Is It?

The Tesla Battery is a three foot, by two and a half foot structure that can easily fit in your garage. It is required that it be stored a foot and a half off the floor, and that there be nothing surrounding it for at least one foot. The battery can connect straight to the grid, as well as to any alternative energy sources you may have, such as wind or solar. The battery has the capacity to store up to 10kWh, although an optional 15kWh model will also be available.

The battery is a massive energy collector that can help to offset your power bill. This isn’t science-fiction either. There are over 200 active test homes in the state of California that are using and loving the Tesla Battery, and another 100 nationwide. So far, the (pardon the term) feedback has been wonderful!  Some homeowners claim they’ve been actively drawing from their batteries for a year without incident. Tesla, excited by the test markets, is expected to roll out this new energy titan sometime late in April, with a six month plan to distribute across the United States.

How Does it Work?

The Tesla Battery connects straight to a main power source, and then offsets your home’s energy pull based on what you choose. It can sync up with your Smartphone, and your level of control can be whatever you want it to be. Also, new updates to help you regulate your Tesla Battery will be coming out roughly once per month, according to Tesla. This means that if you’re on the road and want to manage your power usage while you’re gone, you can. You can also adjust how much power is going back into the grid. For those users that are drawing energy from renewable resources, the Tesla Battery can still be on the main grid and pump energy back to the power company.

In terms of operation, think of the Tesla Battery like a backup generator on your home, but without the annoying fuel costs or propane drain. As the cost of propane has shot through the roof lately, many homeowners in rural communities have turned to the new Tesla Battery as a possible alternative. This could mean massive savings for the average homeowner, as well as a reliable backup when harsh weather hits. 

The question of longevity has come up more than once concerning the Tesla Battery, but Tesla assures its investors that the new Tesla Battery generator can go for years, is completely silent, and needs no regular maintenance. As a result, this makes it instantly more attractive than a traditional, $20,000 backup fuel generator. On top of that, it comes in a sleek, stylish red and white casing that looks snazzy in any home. Much like their cars, Tesla has designed something that not only delivers, but looks great in the process.

What are the Potential Benefits?

In a world where rising energy costs are a real thing, and where there are certain sections of the United States that have difficulty keeping a regular power stream going, the Tesla Battery practically sells itself. The cost is a little shocking at first, coming in at roughly $13,000. This is immediately offset by a 50% rebate from PG&E. Many homeowners will have the option of putting $1,500 down, and then making 120 payments of $15 a month for the next ten years. While this may seem like a long time, the Tesla Battery has been designed to last for decades making it a sound investment.

Own an efficient means of powering your home in the event of a rolling blackout or snowstorm, and if you’re practicing renewable energy techniques, turn around and sell any excess stored energy back to the local power companies. Right now, roughly half of the nation’s providers have agreed to work with Tesla Battery owners to buy back some power, and many who are on the test program can receive anywhere from $10 to $12 dollars back a month. When you figure in the cost of the monthly payment, along with the energy rebates, the Tesla Battery literally has the ability to pay for itself.

The biggest draw of the Tesla battery? The benefit of peace of mind. There are no leaks with this generator, no fuel costs, and no worries about explosions. The battery doesn’t contain flammable materials; it’s just a giant energy storehouse that is designed for home use. It’s the next big answer to sustainable living, and while not enough to 100% power a home indefinitely, it’s more than enough to seriously offset your current electric bill to the point that you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

Some of this seems like science fiction, but this is now proven and tested fact. The Tesla Battery is coming in 2015, and it will be a realistic and readily available energy source for customers across the country. With gas prices in a state of flux, propane and oil going up, and people left wondering if they can afford to heat and power their home, the Tesla Battery has come just in time for a country that is ready and willing for a little off-the-grid living.

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