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When the shingles start to show their age, or even worse, you spot a leak in the house; it is time to change the roof. While it is true that very few homeowners look forward to the work this task involves, it might be a perfect time to further improve a property with a solar panel installation.

The clean energy that solar panels provide to a home and business is worth considering when you are preparing for a new roof.

First, let’s learn about the time investment.

How long exactly does it take to install solar panels?

This is a great question and an excellent place to start when considering a solar panel installation. Having this info will allow you to be aware of the process and timing before your new roof is all set up. 

After the consultation, site evaluation, permitting, and design review, the solar panel contractor usually will install the solar panels in as little as three days. From there, you can expect a final inspection, the old meter replaced, and then start producing clean energy because you are solar-ready.

Is it easy to find a solar company near me?

Thankfully, with the help of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing finding a company or product is just a few clicks away. When searching for “solar companies near me,” remember always to take the time to read through customer reviews. This little bit of homework can provide fantastic insight and information on how a specific company handles solar panel installations and how they treat the people they work with and for.

Why install solar panels on a new roof?

Interestingly enough, the lifespan of a roof and a solar panel installation are roughly the same. An average roof and solar panel both last twenty-five years, in some cases even longer. When you have new roofing material to work with, solar panels can even protect it from normal wear and tear that other areas of the roof will eventually experience. At the same time, older roofing systems may have weak spots or missing shingles that need to be replaced before an installation can happen.

Are solar panels only installed on rooftops?

Although rooftop solar panel installations are the most popular, no they can be installed in what is known as a ground mount. 

When a home or business owner has the space available, sufficient sun exposure, and land unobscured by trees or other vegetation, they can opt for a ground mount solar energy system. As previously mentioned, for many, the sheer convenience and conservation of space make a rooftop installation the way to go.

How about the price of a solar panel installation?

Each project cost will differ depending on the energy usage of a particular home or business. Another consideration is the cost of the array of your choice. Some solar panel contractors will have a handy calculator on their website to help you calculate the price. If not, a thorough meeting with your installer will increase your understanding of the solar panel installation costs.

What are the benefits of clean energy?

Saving every month on utility bills is always one of the top benefits that people think about when investing in clean energy. With inflation affecting everything from gas prices at the pump to produce, meats, and dairy at the local grocery store, we are looking for ways to save money.

Another crucial benefit is reducing our carbon footprint and lessening climate change. The global heatwave we are witness to this summer emphasizes the impact humanity has on the planet. 

Making the change to sustainable energy, depending less on fossil fuels, and causing fewer and fewer harmful emissions is a great step toward a healthier world.

Having your own solar array also means that if you produce enough energy, you will be able to run your home or business regardless of whether the grid is down or if inclement weather causes a power outage.

Will there be much maintenance with a solar array?

Along with its longevity, solar panel installations require very little maintenance. Solar batteries may need replacing through the years, but mostly the panels are virtually maintenance-free. For any concerns or questions about your installation, speak with your solar contractor to learn all the details.

In Conclusion

Adding a solar panel installation to your new roof can add not only to the lifespan of the roofing material but also to your pocketbook. 2022 is the last year to take advantage of the 26% Energy Investment Tax Credit, making this a year to save. A professional solar installer will help you with all the steps in your solar journey when you choose a sustainable clean energy source with solar panels.

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