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Signing a solar contract is a big decision. Like any other major investment, you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal that you’re happy about for decades to come. Most solar panel warranties are about 25 years, and the system itself will last longer, so it’s imperative to know what is a good deal and what is not. Here’s a list of questions that to ask yourself before finalizing a solar contract:

What solar components come with the package?

This part requires some research on your end or at least asking your solar installer. The list of components may include batteries, PVs and solar inverters etc.


If you’ve done your research, you can understand the function of each component and ask the solar panel contractors all the right questions. In this way, you get to choose high-quality components which would ultimately increase the longevity of your solar panel setup.  

Have you done the estimates?


Getting an estimate just from one solar contractor is not enough. The smart way to get a rough estimation is by asking the price per watt based on the gross PV installation costs and compare each company’s price accordingly.

Do you know everything about the cost projections and warranties?

One of the best things about the PV system is that it’s designed to last forever (or at least we hope it does).However, there may be additional operational or maintenance costs you don’t know about. Also, not all the companies offer you a warranty on the components. Even if they do, the warranty on the components varies.  Make sure you clarify what the solar company is offering you.


Professional contractors like Yellowlite are good at getting everything done on time. You can completely trust their quality of work as well. However,  many solar companies also outsource their contracts, and that is when we see compromises on assurances.

Are you taking your time or rushing into the decision?

You just don't want to be victimized by the high-pressure sales tactics. However, some homeowners succumb to the pressure and end up making a bad deal.

Have you received everything in writing from your contractor?


Don’t trust verbal promises. Try to get all the terms and conditions on paper and make sure you read it thoroughly before signing it. Know that if it isn’t in the solar contract, it's not included in the deal.  


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