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Each year, the effects of climate change become more prominent, pressing the urgency to implement sustainable practices for the industries that most substantially impact the environment. As worldwide energy consumption continues to grow, clean energy production becomes an increasingly valuable solution in the fight against the environmental crisis. Governments, organizations, and residential communities everywhere are recognizing the need for sustainability and calling for change. Implementing Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) has been one way that U.S. state governments have moved away from environmentally hazardous fossil fuels and toward solutions like solar energy. 


What is a Renewable Portfolio Standard?

A growing amount of states across the U.S. are setting requirements for how much of the energy sold by their utility companies must be generated by renewable resources. Each state determines its own standards in an effort to contribute to clean energy production and economic growth. According to the NCSL, 30 states currently enforce a mandatory clean energy standard while 7 have introduced voluntary goals to encourage the transition away from fossil fuels. The remaining 13 states have yet to announce a commitment to more sustainable energy production. 


How Does IL Plan to Contribute?

Illinois is one of the many forward-thinking states that’s set a mandatory renewable energy standard. In 2007, Illinois set the goal to generate 25% of its energy from renewables by 2025-2026. With renewable energy contributing to just 8% of the state’s electricity in 2019, Illinois is now showing even more resolve to achieve higher clean energy production goals with its expansion of incentives and programs that increase the affordability of alternative energy systems. One of the ambitious initiatives proposed is the Path to 100 Act. If passed into law, the bill would challenge Illinois to produce 40% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030, and eventually reach 100% clean energy generation. 

How Does This Affect IL Residents?

The opportunities in Illinois are making more of a financial impact for energy consumers than anything. The renewable programs available to IL residents and business owners, like the Solar Block Program and Solar for All, focus on lowering system costs. Many initiatives like these highlight solar energy because of its physical accessibility and status as an incredibly cost-effective energy option. Although switching to solar power makes an incredible environmental impact as well, residents won’t really observe changes in their daily lives and energy habits. 


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