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A power outage can happen any time, day or night. At some point, we have all woken up in the morning to blinking lights on the bedside table clock or kitchen appliances that let us know that the power was interrupted while we slept.

Many situations can lead to loss of power. Inclement weather, downed power lines, or damaged equipment are just a few. Usually, an outage lasts for a brief period of time, but in some cases, it can go on for a full day or longer.

It is always best for you and your family to be ready during this time. Read on for tips on how to prepare your home for a power outage.

Keep A Handy Kit -

Have a container with emergency supplies in case of an extended power outage. Helpful items include:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Critical Medications
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Cash
  • Radio

Place your kit in an easily accessible space in your home. Make sure to update it with fresh supplies regularly. If you have little ones, add toys, diapers, and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your furry family member. Keep any of their necessities in the power outage kit as well.

Seasonal Outage Info -

During a cold spell, a power outage can be challenging. Layer your clothing with warm and comfortable. Have as many blankets as you can on hand to help keep warm. Gather your family or roommates into one area to better share body heat.

It is essential not to overheat during a summer power outage. The Ohio Committee For Severe Weather Awareness, OCSWA, suggests - “Take steps to remain cool, if it’s hot outside. During prolonged power outages, consider going to a place that has power and air conditioning, such as a movie theater, shopping mall, library or “cooling shelter” that may be open in your community.”

Consider A Solar Energy System -

Residential solar panels in Ohio, Virginia, Montana, and across the United States power many homes, even during a power outage. 

Solar power is a reliable and renewable source of keeping your air conditioning or heating systems flowing, running the appliances, and the electricity on because of the energy stored in solar batteries.

Solar panels soak up the sun’s strength on lousy gray afternoons as well as fair weather conditions. Of course, more energy is produced on bright sunny days than on overcast ones.

Learn more about solar panel installation by contacting a professional installer and asking about the solar batteries they recommend for a short or extended power outage.

Power Outage Tips -

Safety is always a top priority during a power outage. Keep these tips in mind for the protection of your loved ones and home.

  1. Flashlights Over Candles - It can be tempting to light many candles throughout the home when the electricity goes out. But, candles can be easily knocked over and pose a fire risk. Stick to a flashlight or battery-operated lantern to light your way.
  2. Remember To Unplug - Power surges can damage anything that is plugged into an electrical socket. Unplug TVs, computers, and microwaves to ensure they are unharmed.
  3. Do Not Open - Resist the urge to browse your refrigerator and freezer during a power outage. This will help the appliances maintain a cool temperature. If you have any doubt about the freshness of your refrigerated or frozen foods, it is best to consider tossing the suspect items.
  4. Keep Connected - Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they are okay and let them know your situation. 
  5. Be Aware - After a severe weather event, hazardous conditions may occur. One of the most common is downed power lines. Avoid these power lines and contact the authorities.

Being prepared for a power outage by creating a supply kit and even having a clean energy source by installing Solar Panels and Solar Batteries can provide peace of mind when you are in an emergency power outage. 

We hope these tips will help you be ready and safe until power is restored.

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