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The solar panel popularity is reaching an all-time high, as more and more people are starting to understand the benefits of going solar. According to IREC, in 2020 there were 231,474 people employed in the solar industry. Meaning the solar industry is rapidly growing with new solar companies popping up everywhere. This has left solar companies battling for clients with competition in the market tighter than ever. 

To survive in an evolving industry, solar installers need to be on their toes by offering educational and promotional materials. The problem with consumers is that they are unable to differentiate between good and bad offers. While some boast amazing promo offers, others are gimmicks with poor offers. 


Is That Solar Promotion Worth It?

YellowLite always tries to educate solar consumers objectively. Our previous effort to debunk solar myths has cleared various misconceptions in the solar market. In this blog, we will try to guide solar buyers on how to analyze if a promo offer is a real deal or not.


Is Solar Installer Credible?

One of the easiest ways to identify the authenticity of any offer is the company behind it. Social media sites are the best way to check the installer’s credibility and reviews. Authentic installers already have their solar reviews displayed on the website for consumer ease.


Does The Promotion Include A Top-Tier Brand?

Before considering any promotion offer, you should check which brand solar panels are being offered. Any reputable business will never want to associate itself with low-quality products. No matter what type of promotion is being offered, make sure that top-tier solar panel manufacturers like Sunpower, Canadian Solar, and LG are used.


Choose Something That Offers Real Value

Investing in solar energy improves your family’s lifestyle, so the freebies should be immediately linked to your investment. Buying a new car that comes with free interior upgrades seems like a more valuable option than getting a free coffee machine & blender. Always consider solar panels as a long-term investment and only go for offers that contribute to your investment. 


What Kind Of Warranties Are Offered?

No matter how lucrative the promotion is, always make sure that the warranty on your system is robust. Always go for solar panels with a 25-year warranty and never settle for anything less than 2 decades. Also, make sure that in addition to solar panels, the racking, inverter, cables, and workmanship also fall under the warranty. 


What Are Terms & Conditions Of Promo?

Whenever considering any solar promotion, always look for the terms and conditions of that promotion. Genuine solar installers will have the necessary terms and conditions stated at the bottom. In dubious offers, you will never find a T&C section underneath. Stay away from these types of offers.YellowLite always recommends solar buyers to perform their due diligence and choose carefully before making any big decision. YellowLite, being a reputed solar installer, always offers top-tier solar products in all of its promotions and regular installations. If you are thinking of switching to solar energy, we encourage you to visit our social media pages to remain up to date with our current solar promotions.

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