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Solar energy is on the rise. A report by S&P Global states - As much as 44 GW of solar and 27 GW of wind is planned to be installed in 2022 along with over 8 GW of battery storage. Adding solar panels and batteries to the home is beneficial in many ways. But for most, the operation is unknown and can come with a list of questions. If you are thinking about adding a solar panel system to your home, here are a few key steps to choosing a solar installer.


Shop Around -

When installing a solar array, you hear new terms and lingo that will probably be unfamiliar. A good solar installer will take the time to explain and make sure you understand their methods. In the initial stages, talk with multiple companies to find the best fit for your situation. Ask about their licenses, qualifications, and credentials. During this period, learn about their years of experience and what types of warranties they provide. You may even ask about what kind of products the installers use and uncover the pros and cons of each. When investing in solar panels, the condition of the roof must be inspected. The Department of Energy advises - Ask your installer if they recommend roof repair prior to installation. Also, make sure you are clear about who is responsible for roof damage that may occur or a roof leak if one develops.

Follow Up -

In today’s world, popular search engines and social media platforms are great tools to find information on particular installers. Read the reviews that customers have left about their experiences. If issues occurred after installation, did the company respond quickly and professionally? Are the clients satisfied with the job performance? Learn as much as you can by simply reading customer reviews. 

Consider the Process -

Permits, inspections, maintenance, the list goes on. Working with solar installers that handle all the details for the projects is a wise choice. They understand what is required from the state to safely and efficiently complete solar energy projects. When a problem does arise, they have the expertise and experience to deal with the matter. Consider hiring a company that specializes in all aspects of the project - design, installation, permitting, interconnection, inspection, and maintenance.

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