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High energy costs and an unexpected spike in energy prices was one of the biggest reasons for many Kosovo communities to go solar. We're talking about a refined solar success story that can be a motivating factor for many rural communities to go solar. 

The 1999 Kosovan Conflict left Kosovo in ruins. This is after - the war had left Kosovo in ruins. The economy was not functioning very well. Eventually, the average human lifestyle was affected.

At a time when the country was in shambles, any chances of human development were highly unlikely. Provision of basic human necessities was a big question too. No one wanted to take the risk of going back to a war-torn country. At the time when the world was moving forward, no one wanted to shift the gear backward.


Hoxha’s First Step Towards Building a Solar Company

In 2015, Hoxha came up with a plan to solve the energy crisis.

Post-war construction was one of his priorities. He started importing drilling machinery. The next step was to take care of the electricity issue. Hoxha and his business partner came up with a perfect plan to resolve the energy crisis. After ten days of the birth of the ideology, the first photovoltaic solar panel production company was set up by Hoxha.

It wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for them. They had to establish their credibility in the market.  They needed certifications from reputable organizations to assure the buyers that the panels were high quality.

One of the renowned private organizations offered Hoxha altogether 14 product certifications. It was high time for Hoxha to sell his solar panels abroad.

The Green Festival sponsored by USAID was one of those shining moments. It gave them an opportunity to show off all of their solar products. It further paved their way to spread awareness about solar energy in Kosovo.   

Solar Roof Project was one of their main projects meant for the small companies in the rural areas.Small businesses in Kosovo had to bear losses… Investment in the solar roofs was one big step towards an inexpensive and reliable energy source.

Hoxha and his team have established themselves as a leader in the solar business. By far, the solar business initiatives taken by Hoxha and his team have generated a revenue of $83.8 Million. Altogether, 3000 new jobs were created in 2015.

How the US Rural Communities Can Benefit from Solar Power

The situation in Kosovo was not so different from communities in the United States. In rural areas, small businesses get affected by a constant hike in the electricity prices. The shift to solar energy will aid the development in rural communities.

Unlike wind turbines which take forever to install, the installation process of solar panels is simple. The open lands make the rural areas an ideal location for solar power.

States like Virginia and Maryland offer tax incentives for solar communities. Similarly, about $40 billion is provided as a loan under the Rural Utilities Service Electric Loan Program. 

Investing in solar power creates more jobs, boosts the local economy, and also contributes to the growth of a power grid based on renewable energy. You not only get to keep your surroundings green but also play your part in helping towards a greener America. Wouldn't you want to be a part of the green energy initiative and eventually become a solar success story?

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