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The monthly cost of home ownership in California has been reduced by $40 isn’t that a good news? But how is this news related to panels or the solar industry at all?

Basically, this was made possible through the energy efficiency building standards implemented in California. This law states that by the starting of 2020 all the new homes in California must have solar panels installed.


In short, the energy savings resulting from going solar will be added to the construction offsets and will bring good value for the homeowners. Here are some significant things you need to know about the home ownership costs and their latent effects:

  • If you do a little math, you’d notice that over a typical 30-year mortgage, a homeowner would be saving about $14000 on average. Now that's big.
  • While the costs on your homes would be reduced, the expenses will also circulate in the local economy.
  • This would also mean big benefits for the electrical grid. With solar panel installation, the load on the national energy storage can be easily managed as well.
  • This would help out in meeting the energy goals without making you worried about paying transmission upgrades.


The recent chain of events in California represents the long-term benefits that can be reaped through solar panel installation. We really needed a state to lead as an example for demonstrating the potential of solar energy. Let’s hope  that all other states follow California as a leading example. After all, what we all want is the victory of solar energy in America.

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