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Gabriel Smith, a resident of Beachwood, Ohio, embarked on a solar energy journey guided by Cody Pipper, expert from YellowLite overseeing his solar project. Gabriel's residence is now equipped with a cutting-edge solar panel system, saving him electricity bills and helping the environment.

Gabriel opted for a comprehensive solar solution with a total system cost of $53,414.00. However, leveraging potential tax credits, including a Federal Tax Credit of -$13,887.64, the net cost of the system was significantly reduced to $39,526.36. The chosen system type is the SIL-380 BK ELITE, featuring Silfab panels—a Tier 1 panel known for its reliability and performance. The solar array boasts a system size of 22.8 kW, comprising 60 panels strategically installed on the south side of Gabriel's shingle roof.

The estimated first-year production of Gabriel's solar system is an impressive 25,788.4 kWh, contributing not only to substantial energy savings but also positioning him as a conscientious contributor to reducing CO2 emissions. The system is designed to harness the abundant sunlight from the south-facing roof, maximizing its efficiency.

The chosen inverter for Gabriel's solar setup is Enphase, ensuring optimal energy conversion and system performance. With a commitment to sustainability, Gabriel opted not to include storage in his solar configuration, aligning with his energy consumption patterns.

You can see the full system details below:

System Information
System Cost $53,414.00
Potential Tax Credit
-13887.64 FTC & -99.62- SREC
Net Cost $39,526.36
Panel Silfab
System Size 22.8kW
Number of Panels 60
Panel Rating Tier 1 panel
Inverter Enphase IQ7+
Estimated First Year Production 25,788.4 kWh
Location roof/ south side
Surface Area Shingle Roof


As a result of this solar investment, Gabriel Smith not only enjoys the immediate economic advantages of reduced electricity bills but also contributes to the larger goal of creating a more sustainable future.

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