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There’s no denying the fact that solar energy is on the rise. More and more households and businesses are gradually shifting to solar power to ensure a safe and secure future. Given the recent pandemic and the increasing number of natural disasters, it has become evident that people can’t solely rely on traditional energy production methods. Shifting to alternative energy sources has become a necessity.

Solar energy has become a norm. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), every 75 seconds a new solar energy system was installed in 2020. Today, over >3% of U.S. electricity comes from solar energy, which is 36 times its share a decade ago. To help address climate change, the solar industry set a goal to reach 20% electricity generation by 2030. The solar PV price has even declined 43% over the past 5 years. All these facts point towards a single way forward for future energy that is solar power.

Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Typically with a solar panel system comes the need for batteries or generators. Both residential and commercial customers now ask for storage compatible solar energy systems. According to SEIA, “by 2025, nearly 25% of all-behind-the-meter solar systems will be paired with storage, compared to under 6% in 2020”. Solar users are realizing the importance and need for backup energy storage that can help them in case of natural disasters or worsening storms. Besides, the electric grid infrastructure is aging with the vulnerability of potential power outages. So what will be your energy storage choice; a battery or a generator?

Solar Batteries

Batteries are storage units that are charged by the electricity and retain that charge for any type of usage. Usually, the excess energy produced by solar panels is transferred to batteries so they can be fully charged. Once the power goes down, appliances can last through the night on battery without any worry. If you choose the solar setup to use off-grid backup energy, the batteries will be automatically charged when solar panels start generating electricity.

There are various types of storage batteries available on the market. For use with solar panels, it is recommended to always go for Lithium-Ion batteries. LG Chem, Tesla PowerWall & Generac PWRcell solar batteries use lithium-ion type, which although expensive is the most durable and reliable.

Power Generators

Generators are not a new concept to use for power backup and have been used for decades in off-grid areas. Modern generators are capable of using fuels such as liquid propane, diesel, natural gas, etc.

Making The Intelligent Decision

The biggest benefit of a generator is that as long as you have the fuel for it, it will keep working and generating electricity continuously, saving you in long power outages. However, the benefits of batteries outweigh the rest of the competition.

Get Yourself Backed With Solar Batteries

A solar power system is capable of generating enough power for your home. Coupled with a durable storage battery like Tesla PowerWall or Generac PWRcell, you can live off-grid as long as you want. The trick is to minimize the executive appliance usage and install a solar power system and a storage battery bigger than your current load. This is a one-time investment that lasts for more than two decades with returns on your investment in less than 10 years.

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