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Over the past ten years, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar prices in Indiana have dropped by fifty percent. In fact, the state has invested nearly two billion dollars in solar energy. These facts, paired with the ever growing need to lessen dependence on fossil fuels and decrease our carbon footprints, make the need for sustainable energy more important now than ever.

Statistics like these may leave you wanting more information about solar panels in Indiana. Here you will find the details you need to begin your solar journey and learn more about the benefits of sustainable energy.

Solar Panel Installation in Indiana

To begin, you will need to consult with a solar panel installation company in your area. Do research into the installers near you and request a quote and free consultation. During the consultation, you can learn about the type of solar panels they install, what solar battery selections you have to choose from, and about any warranties they provide. Now would also be a good time to discover what solar maintenance services they offer for your solar panel installation in Indiana.

Once you decide on a solar panel installation company, here is what you can expect about the process. Whether you are opting for residential solar panels in Indiana or commercial ones, a technician will need to perform a site evaluation to determine the best placement for the solar panels.

Because every project is unique to the property, a customized design will be created to best suit your home or business layout and energy usage needs. Obtaining the permits for solar panels in Indiana is another step that the installation company will handle. During this stage, proper approval is sought from governing agencies and the utility company.

Once the project is okayed, and the installation is complete, one final inspection is scheduled. After that, you will receive a new meter, and your residential solar panels in Indiana will be ready to start converting the rays of the sun into clean energy.

Now even on a cloudy day, the solar panels are working, and you have a sustainable power source to store and use energy as you need it.

The Perks and Advantages of Solar Energy

When you choose a solar panel installation in Indiana, quite a few perks and advantages are part of the package.

First off are the benefits to the planet. The U.S. Energy Information Administration explains the usefulness of solar energy in the following ways - “Solar energy technologies and power plants do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gasses when operating. Using solar energy can have a positive, indirect effect on the environment when solar energy replaces or reduces the use of other energy sources that have larger effects on the environment.” 

Next are the financial gains of residential solar panels in Indiana and beyond. For instance, monthly utility bills not only lower understanding your specific energy usage helps to maintain a solid budget. Another additional advantage is that property values only increase with the inclusion of a solar array.

Solar energy is a feasible option for those who choose to live off the grid. For others that produce more electricity than they use, selling it back to the grid is another choice. As much as 40% is returned to the grid.

Job creation also seems to have a bright future in the solar world. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 2019 annual review on Renewable Energy and Jobs states that over eleven million people were employed in the sector in 2018. It also goes on to say - “Employment opportunities are a key consideration in planning for low-carbon economic growth. Many governments have prioritized renewable energy development, firstly to reduce emissions and meet international climate goals, but also in pursuit of broader socio-economic benefits.”

Financing and Tax Credits for Solar Panels in Indiana

When you choose to finance your solar project, your installation company will more than likely provide you with pertinent information and help you find and compare options. As for tax credits, Indiana offers a renewable energy property tax exemption that will not increase your property tax. The Indiana sales tax exemption allows you to purchase products necessary for the installation tax-free. These components include racking, inverters, and solar modules.

While residents in Indiana have no state-wide rebates available, some local utility companies have them for energy-efficient upgrades. Look into what your area provides to save the most on your installation.

If you are adding a solar panel array to your property before the year ends, make sure to take advantage of the ITC (Energy Investment Tax Credit) to optimize your savings. This credit gives a 26% tax credit reduction on the price of a solar panel installation in Indiana. The project must be completed within 2022 to claim this credit.

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