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At YellowLite we hosted a webinar on December 4th to talk about the difference between solar inverters. This webinar also included explanation of the solar installation process.

First briefly introduced what YellowLite is and what have we accomplished so far in spreading solar energy. After that the complete process of getting a solar installation was explained and following steps were discussed.

  1. First call to review your solar viability
  2. Obtain electric bill to calculate solar array sizing
  3. A quote and design will be generated with estimated energy offsets and savings.
  4. Call scheduled to review the quote and all options
  5. Sign Yellowlite Service Agreement

Then we came to our main topic which was the difference between solar inverters. The differences between microinverters and string inverters was explained. The pros and cons of using these inverters were also explained in detail.

If you are interested in watching the full webinar we have uploaded the recording on our YouTube Channel and you can watch it below:



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