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Choosing renewable energy in the Great Lakes State of Michigan is becoming a more and more popular choice. As of October 2021, the Detroit Free Press reported that it was sixth in the nation for solar panel installations.

With the tax incentives in Michigan, home and business owners alike are more than likely looking into the viability of solar energy installations for their properties.

Finding a solar panel installation company you can trust is crucial. Let's look at the solar energy process and its benefits for Michigan.

Tax Incentives for Homeowners

2022 is the last year for homeowners to take advantage of the 26% Energy Investment Tax Credit, ITC. This credit essentially discounts a solar energy installation by 26%. In 2023 the ITC will lower to 23%.

Special note on this tax incentive in Michigan, the entire solar array has to be installed the year you claim the discount on your taxes. Speak with your solar panel installation company to learn about any other incentives available in Michigan and your specific area.

Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

Professional solar panel installation companies will complete a precise process to ensure your renewable energy will run efficiently and smoothly. Here are a few main steps to keep in mind.

  • Consultation - During this first step, the installers will discuss the quote.
  • Site Evaluation - Meet with your project manager and review the installation plan.
  • Permitting - The installation company submits the solar energy installation design for approval.
  • Installation - This process is usually finished in one to three days, depending on the project size.
  • Final Inspection - After installation, a thorough inspection is performed.

The company you choose may have additional steps unique to its business. Speak with your project manager to better understand your solar panel installation.

The Benefits of Solar Energy in Michigan

Solar energy in Michigan has many benefits. While some might be concerned about the initial cost, keep in mind that property values increase when a solar energy installation is present. Others may value the convenient budgeting and lower monthly energy costs associated with solar energy. But the cost is just the beginning. Read on for more of the benefits of renewable energy:

Fossil fuels are a limited resource that can release dangerous emissions into the atmosphere. Harmful greenhouse gases have an impact on global warming. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, states - ​​" Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and certain synthetic chemicals, trap some of the Earth's outgoing energy, thus retaining heat in the atmosphere."

With the bountiful power of the sun, solar panel installations are a way to lessen any dependence on fossil fuels for clean energy. A renewable energy source like a solar energy installation does not rely on fossil fuels and produces no emissions to pollute the atmosphere. This leads not only to a healthier planet, but better living and working conditions.

When considering renewable energy in Michigan, remember to research solar panels and installation companies to find the perfect fit for your situation, home, or work building. 

Being environmentally conscious and choosing solar energy reduces not only your monthly bills but can also slow climate change.

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