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Beallsville, Ohio resident John Rockwell is delighted over his 5.6 kW solar power system. Rockwell installed twenty-two Canadian Solar CS6P 255 watt poly-crystalline solar panels with 15.85% efficiency to go along with his SolarEdge SE5000A-US Single Phase Inverter with an efficiency rating of 97.5%. Attached to each panel is a SolarEdge P300 Power Optimizer which mitigates the panel string’s tolerance to partial shading.

optimizers appealed to us because we get a little shading on our panels.”

Rockwell' system is forecasted to produce 7,400 kWh of electricity per year. This is enough to offset the burning of 3.7 tons of coal a year. Based on a state average of $0.12 per kWh, this would be savings of nearly $900 a year.

"I think we had an overriding concern about climate change and the need to get away from fossil fuels. My wife and I are each 78-years-old and we may not live long enough to see the payback."

It should be noted that this YellowLite representative finds Mr. Rockwell energetic, spry, and with a youthful spirit that should be the envy of all those that speak to him. His concern for the environment and the ensuing generations is to commended and respected.  

Rockwell contacted YellowLite in February of 2015 and his solar panels were installed in March of that same year. Rockwell was asked why he went with YellowLite. "Your pricing was good. Abe got in touch with us immediately after we signed up with Energy Sage. We contacted two other installers. Abe was eager to have our business. Abe gave us a deal to install that was $500 less than the other installers."

Rockwell had been thinking about going solar for many years. He decided to do so for reasons environmental as well as economic.

“We’ve known about solar for a long time. We’ve known people who have PV systems. My son installed a PV system before we did. I’ve been following renewable energy issues for years so it has interested me for a long time.”

Rockwell is an avowed environmentalist. He supports renewable energy as well as green policy. When asked how is system is working, Rockwell was enthusiastic and had nothing but praise for YellowLite.

"The arrangement of the panels on the roof from YellowLite looked good. Some of the other installers didn’t want to put the panels so close to the edge. They also didn’t want to put as many panels up. We also liked your installation crew a lot. They were nice guys."

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