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The innovation of solar power is truly extraordinary. We’ve managed to harness the sunshine that reaches our planet every day and use it to power homes, businesses, and more, but the ambitions don’t stop there. The renewable energy industry is continuously growing and we’re seeing amazing opportunities with solar. 

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive developments in solar technology: 


Solar-Powered Electric Cars

As electric cars have become more common, the attempts to build on their sustainability have increased. Since electric cars need to be plugged in and charged, many owners have opted for clean energy with solar-powered vehicle charging stations. Taking things a step further, several car companies have been working on vehicle designs that include solar panels right on the roof of the car! Recently released models have the ability to power a few miles per day with the car roof panels. The ambition to power most of the car’s energy with the built-in panels is motivating continued design and development for future electric vehicles. 

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar systems are generally low maintenance, but just like any outdoor structure, solar panels can be impaired by dirt and debris collecting on the surface. The industry has seen different cleaning methods over the years, such as special coatings, water-based cleaning, and manual cleaning. However, researchers have been working toward a different solution: vibration. A team in the UK is hopeful that finding a balance between disturbing surface debris and maintaining a system’s structural integrity will offer a more efficient method of keeping panels clean. 

Solar Windows

We’re used to seeing dark solar panels mounted on top of buildings or on-ground structures. Now, the use of a semi-transparent solar cell has the industry considering solar windows for commercial buildings. Research suggests that 2 square meters of solar window material would generate the same amount of electricity as a standard solar panel. Although the technology won’t come to market in the next few years, since a design that allows light to pass through while absorbing enough for electricity needs is a challenge. 


Solar Panel Cooling Gel 

While solar panels are a clean and efficient means of generating electricity, a system’s efficiency can be affected by temperature. To prevent extreme heat from impairing the panels’ ability to generate electricity, many systems are designed to allow better airflow or even include a water-cooling system. However, the development of a coating gel that uses air humidity to cool the panels offers a more convenient and accessible solution. 

Join the Clean Energy Revolution

It’s great to see new developments and improving technologies in the solar industry. We’ll continue to share our excitement and discoveries as we help our customers switch to solar for a cost-effective and clean energy solution. 

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