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When was the last time you were discussing a new gadget with a friend, only to learn that it's already outdated? Gone are the days when technological innovations used to awe the human mind. We now live in an era where everything is evolving at a speed beyond our comprehension. Renewable energy has seen the same kind of innovative changes in the past few years, household solar appliances being one such example.

Solar panels are revolutionizing the way we harness energy in our households. If the costs of installation don’t fit your budget, then here are 5 cost-effective innovative solar appliances for you to consider.

1. Solar Lights

There’s plenty of reasons to go solar and light up the world with all that sunlight and usable energy. But let’s stick to light sources inside our homes for now. Solar lights in households can branch into:

  • Emergency lights
  • Solar panel powered lamps
  • Solar panel powered security lights
  • Solar lanterns, and
  • Solar street lights

You can always deviate from these examples, it’s all about choosing what works for you.

2. Solar Fans

Another innovation that cuts down on the cost of basic living in the world of household solar appliances. Already a product, you are free to go with any of the following variations of a solar fan:

  • Air-conditioning in bedrooms (and if you are adventurous then water closets as well!)
  • Vent-fans in the attic
  • Ceiling fans for hall sized rooms
  • Stand-still fans in the backyard

According to Green home Ohio, “For the 2017 tax year, homeowners who install solar attic fans can qualify for a 30% Solar Energy Tax Credit on the cost of materials and professional installation”. With the increasing growth rate and energy saving on solar fans, installing solar panels for this use is a well-advised investment.

3. Solar Generators

When we discuss using solar power to meet electricity needs, it’s assumed that the energy is being used in real-time. But what if we can actually store that energy for times when just having solar panels is not enough? This is where one of the biggest innovations in household solar appliances comes in use; Generators! Because sometimes the nights aren’t the only time of rest for the sun. With the natural occurrences and disasters, none of us can be ever fully prepared. So, going solar with our household generators can never be a bad idea.

4. Solar Transportation

More and more, people are subscribing to the “less is more” mantra of home living. Apart from the use of household items, it can also mean changing your living style completely.  This can range anywhere from tiny houses to mobile homes. Mobile homes mean easy movement, and powering these homes with solar panels is no longer an issue, saving you money and earning you style points.

Mobile homes mean easy movement, and powering these homes is no longer an issue. You can install most of these solar appliances on your home on the wheel. This way you’ll save money and look fly doing so.

5. Solar wearables and consumables

We have talked about the bigger things. But solar panels aren’t restricted to bigger things. For example:

  • Solar watches
  • Solar heated water bottles
  • Solar calculators
  • Solar chargers

Start small and you’ll end up surprised with the wonders solar energy can do!

We’ve talked about going solar in homes to cut down costs of basic living. But household solar appliances are not only restricted to lights, fans, and water heating. There is so much more, other innovations that happen daily and can help the average citizen in going green.

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