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An estimated 16% of the world’s population has no or little access to electricity supply. Furthermore, 80% of this population resides in rural areas. Depletion of fossil fuels and high costs of energy are the main factors contributing to this problem.

There is one possible solution to the world’s power supply problems: renewable energy sources. These include solar power, wind power, and biomass.

Let’s discuss four ways in which renewable energy sources can help the world overcome energy problems:

1. Increase in employment opportunities:

Did you know that renewable energy industries are creating jobs 12 times faster than other industries in the country? A stable industry in a locality encourages the locals to stay in town and not move elsewhere for employment.

2. Easy access to the main energy source:

Not all rural areas can become a site for coal or gas mining. This means that these areas have to outsource their energy supply. Coal powered plants can also work here, but the required coal needs to be outsourced as well and that is another addition to the power cost.

Renewable energy plants require a one time import of materials and equipment. After that, these systems produce power without any need for raw materials from other areas. Localities with their own energy power plants can even sell excess energy to neighboring areas. And in turn also strengthen the local economy even further.

3. Affordable energy costs:

Having access to the main power plant in the locality ensures lower power costs. This works on the basic principle of supply and demand. Basically, increasing the power supply in a specific area leads to cheaper costs. This doesn’t only benefit the power consumers but also the local economy.

4. A Cleaner source of energy:

Renewable energy sources like solar panels don’t have any harmful by-products. Local ecologies are not disturbed and the locals aren’t subjected to any health problems either. Renewable energy sources like wind power plants may take up more space in comparison to a coal power plant, but they are the most environmentally friendly sources of power out there.

There is no doubt that renewable energy sources can kick-start development in rural areas. It creates more jobs and provides cheaper energy to the locals. With proper management, it can also become a contributor to the local economy.

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