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As climate change concerns have grown, the demand for more conscious efforts to achieve sustainability has grown too. There’s an increasing amount of individuals, communities, and corporations that are taking direct action to reduce their environmental impact. While we can all make changes that benefit the environment, commercial operations in particular are known to contribute substantially to climate change by releasing carbon emissions and depleting resources. Even businesses that don’t seem to have a direct impact still use resources that are obtained in harmful ways. 


Take a look at these simple ways that you can reduce your company’s environmental impact and make your business more sustainable. 

1.Minimize Waste with Recycling

Production processes aside, even daily operations in a commercial building can yield huge amounts of waste. The garbage collected in a building all goes into a landfill where the items encased build up excessive amounts of methane and other greenhouse gases that are released into the air. The simple change of opting for a recycling program can significantly reduce the waste that’s contributing to climate change. 

A recycling program reduces your business’ direct contribution to pollution, helps to lower landfill-based greenhouse gas emissions, and preserves resources that would have gone to waste. Your business can utilize recycling services offered by your local waste management or through contracted services if your municipality does not offer commercial recycling management. Once the services are in place and members of the workplace are informed on proper recycling practices, you will have introduced more sustainability into your business. 


2.Adjust Your Supply Chain

Whether it’s with your products or your building supplies, you can help reduce your business’ environmental impact just by sourcing items more sustainably. This isn’t to say that your supplies must all be sourced from recycled materials —although that is one great option! Sourcing more sustainably can involve choosing different product materials, changing suppliers based on location, using alternative transportation methods, or even considering the energy consumption of the manufacturing process.

Selecting products that come from recycled or sustainably sourced materials helps to reduce the demand for new materials and preserve natural resources. On the other hand, examining your suppliers and the methods surrounding your access to products helps to reduce carbon emissions. For instance, sourcing from a supplier that’s located closer to your business shortens travel distance and reduces the carbon emissions released during transportation. Pair this with a more efficient method of transport and you can reduce those emissions even further.

3.Conserve Resources with Zero Energy

Energy consumption is an unavoidable part of business operations. Many businesses rely on the local power grid’s traditional energy, which is typically generated using coal, oil, or natural gas. This method depletes natural resources, releases pollutants like carbon emissions, and requires environmental destruction during the extraction process. What’s worse is that commercial operations generally call for excessive amounts of energy for production and manufacturing as well as continuous power usage for equipment, lighting, and temperature control. 

Zero energy buildings use clean energy to generate the amount of power needed for operations. Businesses that achieve zero energy combine the use of clean energy with efficient equipment, lighting, and building materials to prevent energy waste. Your business can access clean energy through a community subscription (if available in your area) or by installing a renewable energy system. 

Choose Sustainable Solar Power

Solar energy has the incredible advantage of being accessible anywhere. Paired with the versatility of solar energy systems, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of commercial facilities are choosing solar for sustainable energy. The YellowLite team has installed systems to fit the physical layout of our clients without compromising on their energy needs. 


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