Ohio Solar Power Panels

When it comes to solar panels in Ohio, trust the experts at Yellow Lite. We are dedicated to harvesting clean energy for homes and businesses in Ohio and surrounding states. Specializing in Stand-Alone, Grid-Connected, and Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems, our BANCEP-certified engineers are committed to creating custom energy systems for all of your needs.

Why Go Solar?
Homeowners across the United States are finally seeing the solar light. Solar light has many benefits, and no matter where you live, you’ll always be able to harness the power of light.

  • It’s free. Besides the initial cost of equipment, having the right solar-energy systems will allow you to capture the energy produced by free, all natural sunlight and easily convert it into usable power for your home or business.

  • It’s clean. While you have the ability to heat and cool your home with its energy, solar power has no impact on the climate. You’ll be able to power your home and business without any harmful fumes, emissions, or byproducts.

  • Reduces utility costs. You can actually save money when you use solar energy. Because you are using less electricity from the utility company, you will see your bill getting smaller and smaller.

  • Incentives. The US Federal government (as well as some states) provides tax credits to homes and companies that utilize renewable-energy systems.

OH Commercial Solar Power

At Yellow Lite, we understand the importance of research and customization. Whether you are ready to make the solar energy leap, or you want to look at the different commercial solar power options that we have to offer, our team will work with you to create a customized system for your business—large or small.

Residential Solar Panels OH

Did you know that almost half of the energy use in a typical home comes from heating and cooling? By converting to solar energy, you’ll be using less electricity, which means that you have the potential to cut your current overall energy bill in half.

Get started today. Contact us to evaluate exactly how we can help you transform your energy use, significantly reduce your energy costs, and more. Call us at 1-877-743-8757 to find out what we can do for you.

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