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Knowing which installer to work with makes all the difference! Not just with price, but also the execution.

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  • Evaluate Solar Potential and Energy Needs

  • Research Options and Incentives

  • Select a Solar Installer

  • Financial Planning (Cash/ loan)

  • Undergo a Site Survey and Design the System

  • Acquire Permits and Handle Documentation

  • Install the Solar System

  • Connect to the Grid

  • Monitor and Maintain the System


YellowLite Satisfaction


We are very happy with the entire process, from design review to installation of a roof-top solar system for our house. Initial on-site visit to the local utility net meter installation were all efficiently organized and executed. Every employee in YellowLite we encountered was professional, efficient, and skilled. I had previously received 3 quotes from other companies for our house, and was very happy with YellowLite’s price, project execution, and warranty terms.

Judy Yen


Our household has been considering solar for years! When we contacted YellowLite, the responsive, useful information and guidance immediately won our confidence. My questions were always politely, promptly, and thoroughly answered. I never had any doubts along this journey, nor felt like my questions were anything but valid. We’re happy with our decision. Thanks to YellowLite for getting us to our goal. Highly recommend.

Melinda Mallari


YellowLite was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were professional, friendly, punctual, and responsive. The installers were efficient, didn’t leave any mess, and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend.

Briana Pandoli


After reading customer reviews of YellowLite, I didn’t do any more research as there were so many satisfied people. I was sold. We had a pretty amazing experience too. Our project manager, and installer were incredibly courteous, professional, and responsive to all questions and concerns. Even my kids made comments on their work ethic and professionalism - it was that noticeable and sincere. It seems like they all take the work incredibly seriously and they like what they do.

Ryan McMaster


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