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Solar Panel For Your Homes & Farms

When it comes to rural areas and farmland, space is plentiful

It is helpful to have skylines devoid of trees that would otherwise get in the way of solar array systems positioned on a roof or in someone’s yard.

Solar array systems are just as easy to install on a rural home or farm as they are on residential homes in the suburbs.  

One of the most worthwhile parts of including a solar array on a farm is the energy savings—and possibility of energy independence—cutting energy bills allows more of the money generated by the farm to be used in operational costs.

Image of a mom and daughter standing by their solar panel system that is saving them money on their energy bills

Solar Energy: The Crop of the Future

SRECs, or Solar Renewable Energy Credits, allow you to monetize your solar production. States with renewable portfolio standards require a percentage of electricity be produced from solar. The state government allows public utility commissions to “buy” your “banked” solar energy. To make utilities accountable, SRECs are purchased by utility companies to meet these compliance obligations by private homes, farms, and business. One SREC is issued for every one MW (1,000 kWh) of electricity generated by the solar array. Learn more about the SREC program and how you can monetize your solar energy production.

Energy Independence

Producing enough solar energy may give you the opportunity to become energy independent. For those looking to gain complete independence from the power grid, for those looking to increase their autonomy, or for those looking to build in an isolated area, adding a large solar array to your home may not just decrease energy bills, but rid you of them completely.

Image of a mom and daughter standing by their solar panel system that is saving them money on their energy bills
Your farm land is useful for more than growing crops. Use your farm land for a solar panel field to gain more profitability

Solar Panels On Farms and Farmland

Just like solar panels for residential structures, solar panels can be installed directly onto the roof of just about any building. You can also choose to include solar panels within fields and pastures, giving you even more acres of profitability. And, because electricity prices continue to increase at an average 4% each year (nearly twice the rate of inflation!), investing in a system that will not only save you money, but will pay you money, well, that’s a smart investment.

Want to know which kind of solar panels are right for your home or farm? One of our solar specialists can complete a complimentary evaluation to see where a solar array would best fit onto your property and draft a proposal*, including initial system design, green energy rebates, tax credit amounts and the total cost.

Image of a gallery of solar panels that have been installed on homes and farms across the MidwestView our gallery of solar array systems installed onto homes and farms all around the Midwest.*Proposals can also include a simulation of your expected electrical usage, cash flow calculations, payback calculations, and projected billing with your new solar system.



If you currently have power from a utility it is best to remain connected with your existing utility service. Off-grid systems are best suited for those without current interconnection.

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