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Solar Panels for Businesses

Make solar energy work for you with tax credits, energy savings and more.

Business owners may be wary of the valuable time it will take to setup and monitor their systems, and fear that this will take time away from their own business.

But rest assured, you will be free to focus on your business as you reap all of the benefits of solar energy, because our devoted team of solar experts will handle everything from site assessment to permits to installation.  And we will monitor your system for you to ensure that your array is operating efficiently.  Best of all, businesses enjoy many of the same financial incentives that homeowners do, with even more available to nonprofit businesses.  Contact one of our solar experts to request a quote and to learn about all of the financial incentives that are available to business owners in your specific area. 

Let YellowLite Lead the Way

Our diverse team of solar experts possess backgrounds in engineering, business, science, and energy The consultants you speak with directly, the engineers designing the structure, and the manager supervising your entire project, are all determined to build an optimal system that helps your business thrive.

Proven Expertise

With over 300 commercial installations, leaders like Alan Frasz, YellowLite’s Commercial Business Manager, have cultivated a standard of quality and dedication to every commercial installation.

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Grow Your Business With Solar Power

Speak with a Commercial Solar Consultant Today to See How Your Business Can Start Saving Significant Money on Energy Costs


Businesses are capable of installing solar energy panels. They can also receive tax credits for making the change to their current business

Not Just for Homeowners

Businesses are also eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and solar power offers a larger credit than any other renewable energy source for business owners. You may also be eligible for other state and local rebates or tax abatements.  Business owners can also claim the depreciated value of the solar array according to the MACRS schedule.  Learn more about financing options. 

Make your business environmentally friendly with a green purchase of renewable energy

Enhance Your Brand

With the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers, now is the perfect time to embrace solar energy. Establishing your  business as a leader in the renewable energy movement in your community not only shows your commitment to a sustainable and clean future, but also ensures that your business appeals to a young and growing demographic that may be the difference in the success of your business. 

Extra financial assistance is available to non profits who want to get involved with renewable energy for their business


NPOs are especially poised to take advantage of solar energy because of the extra financial assistance that is available through grants and other programs that can help you affordably reduce your carbon footprint and operate with minimal impact on the environment. Even if your NPO is not environmentally focused, going solar and embracing renewable energy will only serve to elevate your status within the community and will establish your organization as a leader in sustainable practices.  

Take a look through this gallery of solar emery installations on businessesView our gallery of solar array systems installed on businesses throughout Ohio and Illinois.

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