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Commercial Solar Power - backup


Business operations require energy (and come with the bills to prove it). Why not trade your dependency on costly fossil fuels for clean, cost-efficient solar energy?


Commercial solar installations qualify for great financial incentives. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) along with local state programs encourage clean energy alternatives by providing you with the opportunity to save on investment costs.

Let YellowLite Lead the Way

Our diverse team of solar experts possess backgrounds in engineering, business, science, and energy The consultants you speak with directly, the engineers designing the structure, and the manager supervising your entire project, are all determined to build an optimal system that helps your business thrive.

Proven Expertise

With over 300 commercial installations, leaders like Alan Frasz, YellowLite’s Commercial Business Manager, have cultivated a standard of quality and dedication to every commercial installation.

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Grow Your Business With Solar Power

Speak with a Commercial Solar Consultant Today to See How Your Business Can Start Saving Significant Money on Energy Costs


Solar Energy For Your Business or Organization

Choosing solar energy for your business helps more than the environment - it decreases operational costs while and enhances your brand.

Reduce Costs & Project Budgets

Since sunlight is a free and unlimited resource, solar power is the most financially reliable energy source on the planet. Between active solar energy production and solar battery storage, you can secure a consistent energy supply at a consistent price.

Using a private solar panel system to generate your electricity stabilizes your energy bills by reducing your dependence on utility companies. That independence minimizes the impact of utility price fluctuations and future inflation. Switching to solar lowers the risk of unforeseen utility costs ruining your business budget.

Sustainably-Powered Branding

Take pride in reducing your carbon footprint and creating an ethical and responsible reputation for your business. Expand your customer base by attracting the growing population of environmentally conscious consumers. 

Sustainable businesses establish a deep connection with the individuals drawn to them. Instill a sense of loyalty with your employees by showing them your commitment to sustainability. Build trust with your customers by exhibiting your brand’s profound values. Your business will be valued in the community, setting the standard for customers and setting you apart from competitors.

Making a Worthwhile Investment

When you invest in solar power, you’re investing in a mini power plant for your operations, providing free, clean, and unlimited energy - the ultimate benefit for your business.

ROI You Can Depend On

The investment associated with solar centers around the equipment and system installation. These initial costs pay for themselves in your energy bill savings. 

Since solar systems operate for decades, the owners spend less on installation costs than they would on traditional energy bills.

Incentives That Lower Costs

In addition to the savings that solar power brings, there are also federal and local financial incentives that can help fund the switch to renewable energy. 

Taking advantage of these clean energy initiatives allows you to cut the costs of installation too. Solar panel systems also benefit your business by increasing the value of your property. You’ll gain monthly energy savings and see a financial return if you move your business from its original location.

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