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Solar for Water Management

Create More Clean Water with Clean Energy

Break the cycle of contamination 

Energy production and water management are interdependent. Water processes such as treatment, pumping, and distribution all require a significant amount of energy while energy production, such as in coal plants, requires huge amounts of water which then becomes polluted. Solar energy provides the opportunity to generate energy without contributing to environmental degradation. By switching to a clean energy source like solar power, your facility can stop relying on traditional energy plants and contributing to the contamination that you work against. Sustain your resources with solar!

Learn more about the environmental impact of energy production here.

Power your water management processes with clean solar energy!

Cut Expenses and Improve Operations 

Solar power can significantly reduce your energy costs

Energy costs alone can make up 25-30% of operational costs for water utilities and wastewater management. Generating your own power with a solar energy system allows you to reduce energy bills and expand your budget for essential investments such as updated equipment and machinery. Solar is a cost-effective solution that has even garnered government support. Rural community water systems can take advantage of programs such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Renewable Energy for America program which offers financial assistance to rural small businesses and agricultural producers. 

Learn more about financing your solar project here.

Create Sustainable Solutions with Us

We provide the support that your facilities need

Our team is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our society, and that starts with supporting essential operations for our communities. We design and install solar projects of all sizes in urban and rural areas. Collaborate with us for your commercial project!

Use solar energy to power operations for:

  • Water utilities
  • Water distribution centers
  • Municipal water facilities
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Other water management facilities

Contact a YellowLite solar consultant to learn more about starting your solar project!

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