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Solar for Government Agencies

Reach Your Goals with Solar Power

Lead your community with clean energy

Across the nation, states, counties, and municipalities are passing legislation to reduce fossil fuel dependency by encouraging renewable energy production. With access to sunshine everywhere and a growing number of programs that increase the affordability of alternative energy systems, solar power is the energy of the future.

Power your organization with clean, cost-effective energy!

Cut Operational Costs

Focus your concern on your community instead of your bills

Because solar power is generated from an unlimited free energy source, solar power systems pay for themselves in a few short years. Government organizations often avoid installation costs entirely by acquiring solar through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With a PPA, a third-party pays for the solar power system then sells the clean energy generated back to the government “host” organization. Since the electricity is sold at a lower price per kWh than the rate charged by your utility company, a PPA allows you to lower your operating costs and reap the benefits of renewable energy without having to tie up capital funds that can be deployed for community needs.

Learn more about financing your solar project here

Rely on Our NABCEP Certified Experts 

Installation is worry-free with the team at YellowLite

Our team is experienced with commercial solar installations of every size. Whether you’re using clean energy to power one building or progressing clean energy initiatives throughout the region, you can trust our solar experts.  

We’re equipped and ready to implement solar installations for:

  • Counties
  • Municipalities 
  • Public utilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Various other local agencies

Contact a YellowLite solar consultant to learn more about starting your solar project!

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