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Solar for Educational Institutions

Sustainable Energy = Sustainable Education

Inspire your students by taking action

Climate change presents an urgent crisis that current students and future leaders must learn to solve. Powering your academic community with renewable energy is an effective way to reduce your collective carbon footprint and demonstrate environmental responsibility to members of the community. From increasing energy efficiency to creating invaluable learning opportunities for STEM programs, solar power is an undeniable asset to educational institutions. 

Learn more about the environmental impact of energy production here.

Lead by example and generate your own power with solar!

Strengthen Your Budget by Offsetting Energy Costs 

Solar allows you to focus on what’s most important for your students

Fluctuating energy bills can add unforeseen strain to your institution’s operational budget. Generating solar power can lower these bills and provide more stability. This frees up additional funds that can be reallocated for the benefit of academic programs, student resources, and updating learning tools and technologies. 

Learn more about financing your solar project here.

Knowledge is Power

Work with a team who values your mission

At YellowLite, educating our community has always been a priority for us. We help our customers to understand the impact of renewable energy as we guide them through the installation process. 

Our team specializes in commercial solar installations in an array of designs. From ground-mount solar farms to spatially efficient rooftop panels and solar canopies, our team will work with you to design the most advantageous system for your academic campus. We can also provide system monitoring solutions to publicize your solar investment as well as support clean energy education in your curriculum. 

Use solar energy to power facilities like:

  • K-12 schools
  • Vocational institutes 
  • Colleges & universities 
  • Remote campus locations 
  • Many more educational centers

Contact a YellowLite solar consultant to learn more about starting your solar project!

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