There were 260,077 solar workers as of November of 2016. This represents a 25% increase over 2015 in the number of people working in the solar industry in the United States of America. Overall jobs in the US economy saw a growth rate of 1.45 percent.

These figures are supplied by the Solar Foundation which just published their 7th annual solar jobs report. Some highlights from the Solar Jobs Census 2016 include:

·         One out of every 50 new jobs added in the United States in 2016 was created by the solar industry, representing 2% percent of all new jobs.

·         Solar jobs in the United States have increased at least 20 percent per year for the past four years, and jobs have nearly tripled since the first Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010.

·         Over the next 12 months, employers surveyed expect to see total solar industry employment increase by 10 percent to 286,335 solar workers.

·         In 2016, the five states with the most solar jobs were California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, and Florida.

So where does Ohio rank in the Solar Jobs Census of 2016? Pretty well as it turns out:

·         Ohio has a total of 5,831 jobs as of 2016, which is an increase of 1,020 jobs over 2015.

·         Ohio ranks 11th nationally in solar jobs.

·         Ohio ranks 25th in solar jobs per capita.

·         There is one solar job for every 1,992 jobs in our state.

The following table shows how solar industry employment is distributed:

This table shows how the solar industry has grown over the last seven years and the projected growth for next year: 

Table 3 shows how many jobs are in each specific energy industry. It should be noted that Solar jobs in electric power generation far exceed any other industry. In fact, there are more jobs in solar than there are in Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Coal combined: